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Bonnybridge was not listed as a town on the 1841 census (see article in Issue 6 of Bonnyseen) but was listed in 1851. It still came under the Civil Parish of Denny and Falkirk.

Information taken from the censuses will be inserted here. It should give an indication of the families and occupations who were in the area at the time.

The 1841 census gives names and whether born in the county or not. If born outside the County then it might only state 'Scotland'. The ages were rounded up by 5 years so these can only be take as a rough estimate. No relationship is given. Occupations often have letters instead of words. e.g. F.S. would be Female Servant.

Although not filled with exact information, when used with information on following census, this can help in identifying who is whom on this census.

Further censuses will be transcribed and added as new pages.

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