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The Greenhill Historical Society

We are a group of individuals, based in Bonnybridge, involved with investigating and exploring the history of the village, with particular interest in the Greenhill and High Bonnybridge areas. We formed the group informally in the summer of 2008 and our formal activities began in the autumn of that year. We're interested in exploring the effects that specific issues, industry and events have caused for the area from different points in history as well as generating their own experiences and meaning from a contemporary point of view.


Our aims are:

  1. To engage with residents of Bonnybridge in constructing the geographical and narrative history of the area from the perspective of new residents to the area and older established residents.

  2. To develop, with old and new residents, ways of exploring local history as a way to understand physical changes to the area (the unseen, the derelict, the absent, the new) with a view to developing critical awareness of our surroundings from deeper and more extensive points over time and contemporarily.

  3. To train our members in undertaking historical research, involving digital interviewing, archive and library work and seeking out historical objects held in Falkirk Council's museum stores.

  4. Through the development of our historical research skills, and the research we have gathered, to create thought-provoking and useful materials, events, historical talks, walks, exhibitions, mapping sessions and materials that stem from our engagement work with local people and local historical resources.

Background to the Geographic Area

Our major interest is wandering and exploring the community of Greenhill and Stirlingshire. A 'village' situated in Bonnybridge, Greenhill has experienced a significant amount of upheaval and change over the last century. Most recently, hundreds of new, expensive houses have been built on vast tracts of greenbelt; mineral industry, predominantly mining, is all but gone. We're interested in what this means for the area now. If Greenhill will ever be as great as it once was, what does that mean for us? We hope that by exploring the derelict, the hidden, the new, the old, the stories of new and old residents we can come up with a new definition for this amazing place.


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