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Industry in Bonnybridge


Bonnybridge has had an astonishing and diverse amount of industry over the decades. The building of the Antonine Wall and Fort must have sustained a great variety of trades. The opening of the canals and then the railway created more jobs and expanded the population. Nowadays, the town is depleted of many of the industries and is more of a commuter town.

This is a list of industries past and present. Additional information will be expanded and added to. Any additional information can be sent to out email address.




         Broomhill Distillery, Bonnybridge

         Bankier Distillery

         Illicit distillation

Paper Mill

         Messrs. J Liddell & Co., paper manufacturers


         Carron Iron Co. mined iron ore



Brick making

         Alexander Campbell & Co.

         Messrs James Dougall & Sons Ltd.

         Bonnybridge Silica & Fireclay Co. Ltd.

         Bonnybridge Brick and Tile Works, Bonnyside Road

         Dyson Refractories Ltd.

         Messrs. John G. Stein & Co Ltd

         Cannerton Brick Co. Ltd

         Broomhill Brickwork

         Messrs. G. Graham & Co

         The Glenyards Fireclay Co. Ltd.

         Greenhill Fireclay Co.


         Bonnyfield Quarry

Chemical Works

         Mr James Binnie was the proprietor of a Chemical works

         Robert Miller & Co.

         The Milnquarter Chemical Co.

         Messrs. Bowie & Toung

         Re-Chem International Ltd.


         Greenhill Creosote Works

Explosive Works

         The Sprengstoff Werke

         Nobelís Explosives Co. Ltd

         Michellite Explosives Co.

         Modernised Black Powder Co.

Tobacco Manufacture

         The British American Tobacco Co.


         There have been old mills in Bonnybridge which, over time, have changed use.


         Messrs. David Gillies & Sons

         Rollo Industries

         Messrs. E. Dyer (Engineering) Ltd.

         Smith, Wellstood and Ure & Co.

         Campbell Ferguson & Co., later became

         George Mitchell & Sons Ltd.

         Woodlea Foundry

         Broomside Foundry Co. (1922) Ltd

         Messrs. Lane & Girvan

         Chattan Stove Works (Bonnyside Road)

         Messrs. E. & R. Moffat

         Dempster, Moore &Co. (Machinery) Ltd., Glasgow

         Banknock Foundry

         Broomridge Foundry





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